September 27: Dreams of Lake Drukka & Exhumation


On September 27, Demain Publishing will release an e-book including two new Mike Thorn stories, “Dreams of Lake Drukka” and “Exhumation,” as part of their Short Sharp Shocks series. The e-book is now available for pre-order. Please reach out if you’re interested in a digital copy for review!

The stories are companion pieces: both depict unfulfilled pacts with supernatural undercurrents, both include journeys to uncover unresolved familial trauma, and both pivot around the revelation of repressed memories. I wanted to explore the relationship between setting and atmosphere in these pieces, and to depict horror within internal and physical ‘sites of trauma.’ The characters are grappling with painful memories / experiences that have held them back, consciously or unconsciously. One story focuses on a character who is the agent of her own revelations, whereas the other story sees someone whose agency is quickly and brutally taken away.

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