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“The best debut horror short story collections” (Shepherd, August 2022)

“The best books about descents into existential darkness” (Shepherd, April 2022)

“Mike Thorn’s 100 favorite books of all time” (Ink Heist, November 2021)

“Mike Thorn presents a cinematic mood board that shows the influences for his latest novel Peel Back And See” (Kendall Reviews, November 2021)

Peel Back and See Playlist curated by Author Mike Thorn” (Night Worms, November 2021)

“Mike Thorn’s 100 favorite books of the 21st century (so far) (Ink Heist, August 2021)

“Darkest Hours playlist by Mike Thorn” (Night Worms, July 2021)

“Mike Thorn presents a cinematic mood board for his latest book Darkest Hours: Expanded Edition” (Kendall Reviews, July 2021)

“Playlist for Shelter for the Damned” (Night Worms, March 2021)

“Influences on Shelter for the Damned: novels about obsession” (Where the Reader Grows, March 2021)

“Mike Thorn presents a cinematic ‘mood board’ for his latest novel Shelter for the Damned” (Kendall Reviews, March 2021)

“Mike Thorn’s 50 favorite horror films of the decade” (Ink Heist, January 2020)

“Mike Thorn – 100 favorite heavy metal albums” (Night Worms, October 2019)

“Mike Thorn – 100 favorite horror movies” (Night Worms, June 2019)

“Mike Thorn – 100 favorite books” (Night Worms, May 2019)

“Mike Thorn returns to Kendall Reviews to share his favourite horror films from the 2000s” (Kendall Reviews, June 2018)

“Favorite King book for every decade” (The Horror Bookshelf, March 2018)

“Mike Thorn talks NemesisSpontaneous Combustion & The Winding Sheet” (Where the Reader Grows, February 2018)

“Mike Thorn’s 10 favourite horror films from the 2010s” (Kendall Reviews, December 2017)

“Underrated ’97 – Mike Thorn” (Rupert Pupkin Speaks, December 2017)


“A photoshoot inspired by fiction | Mike Thorn & Danielle Nicol” (Night Worms, May 2022)

“Audio collaboration: author Mike Thorn + Yosh Des” (Night Worms, February 2022)

“20 favourite horror books of 2021” (Read by Dusk, January 2022)

“Rich Duncan’s favorite reads of 2021” (Ink Heist, January 2022)

“Waylon’s top seven best horror books of 2021!” (iHorror, December 2021)

“My top collections/anthologies that I read in 2021” (Steve Stred, November 2021)

“What are horror authors reading during lockdown?” (iHorror, April 2020)

“Library Links – A busy week at APL” (The Airdrie Echo, October 2019)

“Best Horror Books of 2022” (The Bookubus, January 2023)

“Best Books I’ve Read Because of Booktube” (Jason’s Weird Reads, May 2022)

“📚Best Books of 2021📚 – I Love These Stories!😻” (David’s Book Reviews, March 2022)

“My Top 10 Books & Short Stories of 2021” (Steve Talks Books & Stuff, December 2021)

“Top 10 Horror Books I Read This Year 💀” (Steve Talks Books & Stuff, October 2021)

“A Quickie With J | Episode 23 | Mini McDonagh Manor | Mike Thorn” (J’s World!, September 2021)

“A Quickie With J | Episode 16 | Havoc | Mike Thorn” (J’s World!, September 2021)

“Celebrate Horror 2021: ‘The Auteur’ from Darkest Hours by Mike Thorn” (Night Worms, May 2021)

“Spooky Book Recommendations” (Bedtime Bookworm, October 2019)

“Horror Book Recommendations on Kindle Unlimited” (That’s What She Read, August 2019)

“Best Books of 2018” (That’s What She Read, December 2018)

“Exhumation” (Unwanted Things, October 2022)

“Havoc: A Ghost Story Guys Audio Drama” (The Ghost Story Guys, September 2022)

“The Decade Of Horror III” (The Pink Smoke, October 2019)

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