Looking Back at Camp Crystal Lake: Mike Thorn and A.M. Novak on the ‘Friday the 13th’ Series

Always a pleasure to chat horror with another genre fan. This time, A.M. Novak and I take on Jason Voorhees.

Vague Visages

In the spirit of their previous crosstalk about the Halloween franchise, Mike Thorn and Anya Stanley sat down to discuss another iconic horror series: Friday the 13th. With recent news of the hyped F13 reboot being abandoned by Paramount, Camp Crystal Lake’s larger-than-life supervillain Jason Voorhees remains as relevant as ever. Where does the series go from here?

Anya: On February 6th, 2017, it was announced that Paramount/Platinum Dunes had canceled Friday the 13th, Part 13, citing low box office numbers for Rings. Are you disappointed?

Mike: I’m very disappointed. It seems counter-intuitive to assume that Rings’ poor earnings somehow indicate a lack of interest in another completely unrelated horror franchise. I think if they had made a stronger sequel, it’s likely that it would’ve seen better financial results. Speaking purely as a fan of genre movies, and of the movie-going experience, I was very excited…

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