Some Kind of Connection (2020) by Sophy Romvari and Mike Thorn

Many people are doing their best to process the current state of the world amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and attempting to do anything creative has become impossible. While an onslaught of projects will percolate in the future related to this time in quarantine, it will be difficult to find one that resonates quite like Sophy Romvari and Mike Thorn’s short film, Some Kind of Connection.

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Some Kind of Connection: Loss and Technology in the Films of Sophy Romvari

I initially connected with Sophy Romvari through Twitter about two years ago, after seeing her lyrical short film It’s Him. Since then, I have watched almost all of her films and have been consistently fascinated by the ways that she hybridizes cinematic modes and genres. Her filmography exhibits strong visual aptitude and raises complex questions about the divisions between filmic truth and representation. Sophy and I have chatted sporadically, touching on everything from M. Night Shyamalan to documentaries to the connections between genre and trauma, and I am always curious to hear her ideas about cinema and the creative process. After recently watching In Dog Years, a moving reflection on death and the powerful connections between human and nonhuman animal friends, I reached out to Sophy asking if she would be interested in doing an interview about her work. The conversation below is transcribed from our e-mail exchanges.

Read the full interview in Vague Visages.

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