Mike Thorn’s top 5 horror films of the decade on The Pink Smoke Podcast (The Decade Of Horror III)


The third and final part of The Pink Smoke‘s epic “Best Horror of the Decade” series begins with Hellbent for Horror‘s S.A. Bradley sharing his love for one of the great under-appreciated horror films of the last 10 years. Christopher Funderburg chimes in with one of the most artful horror movies from the last decade and John Cribbs cautions to think twice before angering the Gods.

Mr. Bradley and the hosts sound off on some other great horror films from lists contributed by notable horror filmmakers, writers and experts, including freelancer writer Anya Stanley, horror film director and illustrator Patrick Horvath, horror watchdog Tim Lucas, writer-artist Tenebrous Kate, and Mike Thorn, author of Darkest Hours.

Listen to the episode for the complete lists.

Listen to the first and second episodes.

Beyond Empowertainment: Feminist Horror and the Struggle for Agency


Coming October 31 from The Seventh Row: Beyond Empowertainment: Feminist Horror and the Struggle for AgencyDiscover some of the best female-centred horror films of the decade and how they’re pushing the genre forward.

The collection features Mike Thorn’s essay “‘No Desire If It’s Not Forbidden’: Dread, Eroticism, and Text Messaging in Personal Shopper,” an interview with Personal Shopper director Olivier Assayas, and contributions by Orla Smith, Elena Lazic, and Mary Angela Rowe, among others.




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