Marna Larsen Reviews Shelter for the Damned

“One thing the book understands very well are how the most innocuous childhood memories can twist into a terrifying shape. Adults have forgotten – or are too consumed by their adult lives to think about – these horrors, except maybe, very, very, late at night. Thorn’s work invokes both childhood fears and those late-night moments when existential dread sinks its teeth into you as an adult and suddenly, you remember how helpless you still are.”

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Influences on Shelter for the Damned: Novels About Obsession (Guest Post on Where the Reader Grows)

Obsession is a primary driving force in Shelter for the Damned, as the novel’s protagonist, Mark, becomes intensely fixated on a shack he discovers in a suburban field. As the Shack begins revealing its weird sentience, Mark’s interest grows. His relationship to the Shack eventually becomes horrifically parasitic, evoking the nature of debilitating addiction.

While writing Shelter for the Damned, I was conscious of several other books focused on obsession and dependency. I was especially interested in novels that used first-person or quasi-omniscient style to depict their protagonists’ experiences. I have provided snapshots for some of the most overt influences on Shelter for the Damned below…

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Daily Dead Q&A: Author Mike Thorn Discusses His New Novel SHELTER FOR THE DAMNED

At first it seems like the perfect place to quietly enjoy a secluded smoke, but three teens soon discover that their supposed safe haven is actually something downright sinister in Shelter for the Damned, the debut novel from Mike Thorn (author of the short story collection Darkest Hours). With Shelter for the Damned out now from Journalstone, we caught up with Thorn in our latest Q&A feature to discuss the journey of writing his new book, the influences that inspired him along the way, and his upcoming releases that readers can look forward to from Journalstone.

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StoryBundle: The Pulse Pounders Thriller Bundle Includes Shelter for the Damned

The Pulse Pounders Thriller Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson:

Take a breath and hold on. I’ve curated a new “Pulse Pounders” StoryBundle, 14 action-packed books, guaranteed to put you on the edge of your reading chair. Thrillers, suspense, action, dark fantasy, adventure—the common denominator is that they are all page turners—all for as little as $15. Name your own price, and the proceeds go to support indie authors and publishers, and a portion goes to support the Challenger Learning Centers.”

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