“All in the Family” by Jennifer Loring & Mike Thorn Slated for Publication in Tales from the Id – Behind the Mask


The brilliant Jennifer Loring and I co-wrote a domestic occult horror-thriller with shades of Satanic ritualism and urban myth. It’s being published in Behind the Mask – Tales from the Id, edited by Steve Dillon and featuring reprints by genre legends like Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Algernon Blackwood and Edgar Allan Poe. The book also includes a piece by Mark Allan Gunnells, who wrote an awesome novella called #MakeHalloweenScaryAgain for Halloween Carnival Volume 1.

New Review of Darkest Hours in SCI-FI & SCARY

Book cover for Darkest Hours
“Although the stories vary dramatically in chosen subject, by the end of the collection, certain things make themselves known time and again. Specifically, smoking, heavy metal, and – oddly enough – academics.  I’m sure people who are more into the literary dissection side of things will have fun picking apart the stories contained in Darkest Hours. I’m not one for doing that, though.”

Read the full review in Sci-Fi & Scary.

Darkest Hours Now Available on Canadian, US and UK Amazon!


Darkest Hours has finally made its way to Canadian Amazon. It can also be purchased on UK and US Amazon. Get your copy here.

“The element of surprise is a tribute to Thorn’s ingenuity; the assuredness of his prose is due to his extensive knowledge of the horror genre.”
— S.P. Miskowski, author of Strange is the Night

“Mike Thorn is brilliant.”
— Waylon Jordan, iHorror

“When you first encounter Thorn’s writing, a number of qualities impress themselves: the macabre intelligence (brutal really), the chilling wit, the naturalness of the dialogue. Plus there’s the skill and style of the prose.”
— Robert Dunbar, author of The Pines and Willy

“This is subversive literary horror.”
— Tim Murr, Biff Bam Pop

“Mike Thorn has delivered a promising debut with this collection showing off his commitment to stories of nuance, heart, and of course… darkness.”
— Daniel Braum, author of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales

“The hallmark of great horror is that it surprises, scares, and most importantly, entertains. Darkest Hours succeeds on all these levels.”
— Brandon Wilson, The Weal

“Mike Thorn writes with refreshing originality and hides fangs behind a smile.”
— John C. Foster, author of Mister White

“Mike Thorn’s debut story collection is not to be missed by those who enjoy an academic intellect with a potent flair for fiction.”
— Dustin LaValley, author of A Soundless Dawn

Mike Thorn Brings Illumination to the “Darkest Hours”: Interview in iHorror

ihorrorinterview“If you ever want to have a truly fascinating conversation, ask an author about his or her work.  Seriously, there are few things more riveting than listening to the inspiration and their personal process of writing, and even more, the subjects that sparked an author’s imagination that brought a story to life.  Fortunately for me, I get to do that a lot, and Mike Thorn, whose recent debut anthology Darkest Hours just released, had plenty to say about his work and his process.”

Read the full interview in iHorror.

What the Writers Say: Darkest Hours Launch at Mount Royal University

Thank you to everyone who came out to Friday’s Darkest Hours launch at Mount Royal University. It was fun to answer your questions, sign your books and read grotesque fiction aloud in public. I’m looking forward to the next launch — Wednesday, December 6th at 7pm, Owl’s Nest Books. (Photos by Christian Kindrachuk).